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A Passenger Causes Drama After Trying To Open The Exit Door Of An Aircraft During A Flight

An airoplane which left Hobby airport heading to Ohio from Hoaston today faced chaos after one of it's passengers tried opening the exit door.

Drama started when a 34 year old woman,Elon Agbegninou became so unruly during the flight and claimed that Jesus told her to open the exit door.

She had narrated to the passangers how God spoke to her and told her to open the door of the aircraft shortly after it left Hobby airport.She tried doing this when the airplane was 37,000ft in the sky.

The woman was reported to have been going to see a family friend who is a pastor without her husband's permission.

The woman struggled to ensure that she opened the exit door but the flight attendants had to act to prevent her from opening the door.

The airoplane was therefore forced to divert to Little Rock,Arkansas.After landing to Little Rock, the 34 year old woman was removed from the flight by the authorities.

The police are currently interrogating the woman since whatever she did is assault since she violated aircraft rules.

"We will work closely with the prosecutors at the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern Eastern District of Arkansas to thoroughly investigate this incident and potentially bring federal charges,"the report concluded.

The police care currently doing their investigations to confirm of the woman's state of mind is okay and the intentions she had.

According to the witnesses who saw the woman's reactions from the beginning of the flight.They saw her requesting the flight attendants to look through the window of the aircraft.She thereafter complained that she couldn't breathe well,got up from her seat said she was very anxious and from the look of things she didn't look okay.

"She said she couldn't breathe on the plane and decided to get up from her seat.She said she has anxiety became very anxious and normally wouldn't have done these things," read part of the police report.


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