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The Beauty of Kenya.

Despite Kenya being known for its rich wildlife heritages, commonly referred as home of East Africa Safaris. There are some other beautiful places to visit which are not widely known by most of Kenyans.In this article ; we shall look at some of those beautiful places where you can spent your holidays.

1. Delta Dune Lodge in Tana River

Delta Dune Lodge sits high up in the Kipala islands at the mouth of River Tana. It is situated about 150km North of Malindi town in Kilifi county. After about two and half hours drive you will finally arrive at the pick up point on the shore of river Tana. Here you will have to use a small boat to get you through the river, after 20minutes you will be at Delta Dune Lodge. Delta Dunes offer fabolous views overlooking the R .Tana on one side and the Indian ocean on the other side.

Explore this place with incredible birds life, aquatic life and wildlife. The Lodge has various activities, includes boat rides for sundowners, birds, games sporting, bush walks, water skiing, tubing, swimming and sand yatching. Delta Dune is believed to be have been discovered by two Europeans in 19's who were sailing along the River Tana.

2. Lamu Town.

Lamu is one of the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements. Lamu archipelago is amongst the most interesting places to visit, as it area with its unique history along the East Africa coastaline. Lamu town was founded around 1400 as a port and centre for trading activities for Arabs, Indians, Persians and Europeans. The town is full of coastal beaches, historical museums and its rich cultural practices. Among the most popular island in Lamu town Tatwa and Manda islands. Some of the cultural practices that found in Lamu town includes; Swahili foods, Maulidi celebration and use of donkey carts as main means of transport.

It's my Hope you have learnt alot from this articles. Thank you so much as prepare yourself to pay a visit to some of these places. Remember to follow me for more articles of this kind.

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