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Ridiculous: The Only Town In Africa Where Black People Are Not Allowed To Stay In

The African continent has 54 countries, most of these countries are inhabited by the local African communities. However, there is only one town in the African continent that blacks are not allowed to stay. The town is known as Orania and it is located in South Africa. Most people think that Racism and black segregation is something of the past in South Africa. Apartheid is still practiced in South Africa despite the country attaining its independence 27 years ago. Apartheid rule still exists only that it has been given other names and will be around as long as black people in South Africa are restricted to do certain things just because of the color of their skin.

Orania was established in 1991 and inhibited by the ethnic groups of people who colonized South African and speak their language, The Afrikaans. It was established for Afrikaners- they are groups of French, Dutch and German citizens who arrived in South Africa during the 17th century.

Only whites are allowed to live in Orania town. Blacks are strictly restricted from accessing this town despite it being part of their country. The main reason for not allowing blacks into the town is that they want to preserve their culture. They follow the following set of rules. The residents of the town must always ask for permission before bringing any guests into the town. Secondly, they only use their currency called "The Ora". In addition to that, students have their curriculum which teaches them apartheid values and the curriculum doesn't include Black people who fought the struggle to free black people from Apartheid.

The government of South African should take action before things turn worse. How comes such a town still exists despite the country attaining its independence 27 years ago? There is no big deal in establishing an Afrikaner town. The problem comes when they don't allow black people to access the town.

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