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Why Uhuru Park is Fast Losing its Taste as a Recreational Destination for Kenyans

A few years, ago, Uhuru Park was a dream destination for every Kenyan kid during Christmas, New years, weekends and other holiday celebrations. This has however changed over the years. Not only Uhuru park but most Kenya's public recreational facilities are fast lossing their taste and business. This articles attempts to explain the reasons that could lead to complete shift from Uhuru park by Kenyans as an ideal recreational destination.

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To begin with is the rise of affordable, private recreational facilities, that provide better experiences than the eminent public park. Many Kenyan business men and women have seen the future in building up recreational facilities and even organising games in those facilities to attract customers. This is unlike Uhuru park where Kenyans went only to get their kids riding toys then take pictures and leave. Private facilities have created a welcoming environment for both kids and adults.

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To add on to private recreational facilities are the newly designed shopping malls that provide room for recreations and different ways to enhance visitor experiences. Some Kenyans would consider going to a shopping mall and window shopping throughout the day over going to stroll around Uhuru Park. Shopping malls such as Garden City, Two Rivers and Waterfront have come up with creative ways to incorporate recreational activities within the malls, with better experience than the traditional public recreational parks.

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Another factor that has seen massive shift from Uhuru park is rise of insecurity cases. There are days when someone will just grab another's bag then run away. This made visitors afraid and therefore began seeking for new and safe recreational facilities. Then there also increased conmanship. Not to forget poor maintenance of the facility that has seen its beauty fade away.Photo Courtesy

Kenyans are now looking for better and modernised experiences which unless the government invest in, Uhuru and other Public recreational grounds countrywide will continue fading away. The grounds would instead be left for political gatherings and public events other than recreational activities.

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