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Two mistakes you should never do when you travel to Rwanda

In Rwanda the citizens rarely talks negatively about the government and this is a sign of patriotism. Therefore whenever you plan to travel to Rwanda these are the basic things you should highly observe to avoid problems.

1. Whenever you travel to Rwanda please ensure you do not carry polythene bag as they are not allowed into the country. The Rwandan government through the ministry of environment banned the packaging of most products with polythene bags and whenever you go for a shopping ensure you carry a basket or anything else but not polythene bag. The consequences are you may be fined heavily for this if you are caught. Therefore to avoid this problems ensure you don't risk carrying any polythene bag as they will also be confisticated at the boarders or at the airport. Hence be prepared to avoid the disappointment.

2. When you plan to visit Rwanda and you want to drive yourself, please ensure to observe the road signs. In Rwanda the traffic police are strategically located at different points along the road and when you disobey any traffic rules they only capture your details using a passport reader and you will be fined heavily for this. However the advantage is they do not stop you from heading to where you going to, but only fine you for the offence.

3. When planning to travel to Rwanda then you should be aware of the official day when thorough cleaning of the village and the towns are to be cleaned. This process is conducted once in a month and during this process each and every one is required to participate. During this day no one is allowed to open their business or anything else apart from active participation in the cleaning process. Hence you should have these concepts before you travel.

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