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Three Beautiful Rocks In Kenya And Their Locations

1. Nzambani Rock

Nzambani Rock, locally known as Ivia ya Nzambani, is a stone outcrop standing approximately 183 meters above the ground.

The rock is situated about 8 kilometers from Kitui town along the Kitui-Mutitu road at Nzambani market, Kenya. Next to it are St. Peters Nzambani Boys' Secondary School and Nzambani Primary School.

The top of the rock offers a cool breeze and views of Kitui County and beyond. Rock is a major tourist attraction in Kitui county. Adult foreigners are charged Kshs 1000 while their children pay Kshs 500.

2. Kit- Mikayi

Kit- Mikayi is a rock formation and outcrop standing approximately 41 meters above the ground. The rock is situated about 29 km west of the town of Kisumu in western Kenya, Seme Sub County .

It is about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road. The sign board is on the gate of Kit Mikayi primary school and entrance is via N’gop-Ngeso primary school.

3. The Crying Stone of Ilesi

Known in the local tongue as Ikhongo Murwi, it is about 40 metres tall and a large boulder balanced on a column of rock with water flowing from a groove in the centre.

Deep in western Kenya, three kilometres outside Kakamega town on a ridge that overlooks the Kisumu-Kakamega highway.

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