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Why do Commercial pilots wear short-sleeve shirts?

Flying is a safety critical industry where the passenger needs reassurance that everything associated with flying an aeroplane is done so professionally and to a high standard.Notwithstanding,every profession requires you to follow some standards that include some dress code;similarly in the aviation industry pilots follow those rules and regulations.

Although commercial airliners have different dress codes,they all have the same design.You might see some subtle adjustments such as logo and airline name being different according to a certain airline.

We see pilots wear short sleeves as a matter of safety and comfort.For safety, short sleeves are preferred as their cuffs do not accidentally hook and trip a switch while they are navigating the panels with their hands.Also it saves them the effort of having to roll up there sleeves every time they need to do a preflight or make entry into their log books.

The short sleeves are also very comfortable as in the cockpit it is fully air-conditioned regardless of the weather at high altitudes which is usually cold.The more comfortable the pilot is the more his able to be aware of his judgement, situational awareness which is vital in the phases of flight.

To conclude the most important element of pilot are the stripes or epaulets which are placed on the shoulders and on their blazers.They represent ranking and flight experience.And basically they include

1)One stripes;these epualates are attached to pilots undergoing training.

2) Two stripes;second officer and flight engineers wear two stripes.But it's worth noting that not all airliners have the designation of 2nd officer.

3)Three stripes;senior first officers wear 3 stripes to represent the level of expertise in flight training.

4)Four stripes;these are adorned by pilot captains.The captains are the ones responsible for operating the aeroplane and are in charge of the crew and passengers.The take way note is that, leadership, professionalism, composed and confident, is all depicted in the pilots uniform.Thank you.

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