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Matatu Nuisances That Irritate In Nairobi.

Matatus are the commonly preferred transport vehicles in Nairobi and are popular among city dwellers. It is the most used form of transport and is cheaper compared to other means of transport like taxis. Matatus are stationed in specific locations that depart to different destinations all over Nairobi.

They are very effective and efficient because they are readily available for use by all passengers. Matatus are very comfortable to travel with and with the quality roads in Nairobi the journey is always pleasant. Innovations in the matatu industry are also common to keep up with the tough competition.

Some have been beautifully decorated with compelling graphics, sound systems, and extensions of the matatu to make it unique and classy. For the better part of it, matatus are very efficient, however, some nuisances are too much to bear.

1. Loud music.

It can be a very long and unpleasant journey if the matatu you boarded has music on full blast. With speakers installed almost everywhere, especially under seats the noise will be too much to bear. The worst part is that there is no one to tell because the driver's section is separate from the passenger's seats. If there are no other matatus around and that is the only option you have, you will have to drown in blasting music beats all the way home.

2. Dirty seats.

Dirt in the matatu is always a turn-off, especially on the seats. Some matatus rarely wash their seats or at least dust them to make them cleaner. This is a very common bother that is rarely addressed and for many people, it is always a nightmare to travel in such seats.

3. Rough Conductors.

Before boarding a matatu in Kenya, sometimes it can be a dilemma because conductors will be rushing to you trying to shove you into their vehicle. This uncouth behavior is like a sport for these conductors who enjoy competing with customers.

Although it is part of the business some of them take it too far by forcing their choice on the confused customers. It can be tougher for women who are less ruthless than men in declining the advances.

The matatu culture in Kenya has been in existence for decades and has helped many Kenyans. However such uncouth behaviors tarnish the good reputation of many matatus operating in a decent way.

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