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Meet The Mysterious Island In Kenya Where People Allegedly Go And Never Come Back, This is What Happens

The immense natural grandeur and mind-blowing man-made wonders of planet Earth never cease to surprise. However, the world is not devoid of unknowns. If you're drawn to places with legendary histories or where unexplained events have occurred, this Kenyan island might be right up your alley.

Envaitenet, which means "no-return" in the indigenous el Molo language, is an island off the coast of Kenya that is home to the world's largest mystery. The natives avoid the little, narrow island because they think it is cursed and that anyone who sets foot on it will disappear without a trace. Some of the people who had intended to visit the island have supposedly canceled their trip.

Some Kenyans believe aliens capture anyone who gets too close to the island, but the majority of the population believes that the large crater at the island's heart will strike anyone who penetrates it with thunder and lightning. Several aerial photographs of the island feature a structure in the middle that looks like a cabin. No one has been able to enter those bunkers and make it out alive, so we have no idea what or who might be within.

Some of the island's residents used to make a livelihood off the sea and the land by fishing, hunting, and trading regional specialties with those from other locations, but then they mysteriously stopped.

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