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Why Lake Simbi Nyaimbi Is Known As The Healing Lake.

This lake is the best place to visit especially in December festive season, it is located outside Kendu bay and it is near the shore of lake Victoria. The reason why many people loves this lake is because of its beauty. 

Flamingos from lake Bogoria and lake Baringo are being witnessed in this lake in the seasons when the weather is favourable, because of its salty water.

The people of Kendu bay and Karachuonyo who are the settlers have had a belief for a very long time that the place where that lake is situated is a healing place, this is because of the salinity and the sulphurous nature of the water. The water can be used to heal some diseases.

This lake seems to be sunken under the ground, it is believes that many years ago during its formation, a volcano erupted in the outside of Kendu bay, that clearly explains how the Crater lake came into the existence in the area.

According to the residents who are staying near lake Simbi Nyaimbi, they says that there always reach a time when you can feel the good smell of this lake from a long distance, this is because of the presence of its salinity nature.

The best place for local and international tourist during festive season to visit is lake Simbi Nyaimbi, because of the good climate in the area and the presence of flamingos and other birds. How to travel in this area is by road since there is no airstrip around.

The name of the lake comes from a Luo dialect word, which means sunken lake. It was named so many years ago by the inhabitants who lives around the outskirts of Kendu bay, the reason for such naming came because of its sunken nature. 

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