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Here are The Cleanest Cities in Africa

It's everyone's dream to be in a clean and safe environment, some countries have managed to achieve this while others have been left behind. Today i have come up with an article which i believe will be of help to you. According to Nilepost 2021, below are the cleanest cities in Africa;

1. Kigali, Rwanda- Rwanda is a country found in the eastern side of Africa with Kigali being it's main city.

2. Port Louis, Mauritius

3. Cape Town, South Africa- Found in The southern parts of Africa, Cape Town has not been left behind.

4. Tunis, Tunisia- This is the capital city of Tunisia in Northern Africa.

5.Windhoek, Namibia

6.Dar es salaam, Tanzania - This city is found in The East of Africa. The largest city in Tanzania with Dodoma being the capital city.

7. Gaborone, Botswana

8. Algiers, Algeria- Also makes it in the list being the capital of Algeria.

9.Nairobi, Kenya- The largest city in Kenya, the only city with a game park within it which attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

10. Libreville, Gabon- last in our list is Libreville.

Source: Nilepost

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