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Top 5 most beautiful cities in Africa. Lagos ranked 5th while cape town takes the lead.

Africa the home to more than 50 countries with beuriful cities. Africa is a rich continent with raw materials and Modernized industries that has lead to small towns growing into bigger city for a small period of time.

1. Cape town South Africa.Ranked first, its one of largest cities in the world. It is home to beuriful beaches and many museums. Robben island is in cape town where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 yrs.

2. Johannesburg South Africa The largest city in south Africa. It has world class hotels and restaurants. Many shopping Malls which attracts alot of people from all over the world. Soweto town is in Johannesburg.

3. Stone town in Zanzibar. It is an old Swahili trading town off Tanzania. Stone town is located in beautiful island of Zanzibar. UNESCO world heritage site is in stone town.

4. Lagos Nigeria- Nigeria's largest city it is the home of music industries and films. It is decorated with Museum's that are filled with cultural artefacts.

5. Marrakech Morocco- Morocco fourth largest city it is filled with both ancient architecture and modern its a beuriful city.

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