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Good News: United Kingdom Moves Kenya From Red List To Amber List Effective 4am, September 22

Kenya is one of the dozens of countries in the world that have been put under the list of 'red' by the United Kingdom. The lists are usually subdivided into three; red, amber and green.

Luckily, Kenya will now be able to enjoy the benefits of being transformed from 'red' list to 'amber' list, effective as from 22nd September, 2021 at 4am.

What it means for a country to be in any of the 3 lists;

Red listed countries are those that the United Kingdom says are very risky and present high numbers of covid-19 disease. According to the U.K's set laws, red list countries should not be visited except under some extreme circumstances. Some of the countries currently in the red list include: Egypt, Brazil, India, Kenya etc.

In 'Amber' listed countries, traveller's can enter into or out of the United Kingdom without self isolating. However, a covid-19 test in needed before returning to an amber country. This applies to all ages of people i.e under or over 18 years. Countries that are in this list includes Spain, Italy, Greece etc.

'Green listed countries' are those countries where citizen's are free to move where they want without limitations of self isolating or any covid-19 restrictions. Here, everyone beliefs that everyone has been vaccinated or got has got a covid-19 jab and everything has been put into place accordingly so that in case of any thing happening, it can be put into control easily.

On Sunday, UK removed many countries from the list of red list but to the worse, it maintained the Kenya's red list. This mearnt that all Kenyan's traveling to UK needs to take a 2 covid-19 test, book a quarantine hotel package and they complete a passenger locator form before they go to the United Kingdom.

After 4am of 22nd September this year, travellers entering to Kenya and United Kingdom will enjoy free entry without restrictions that bared many from traveling.

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