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Do Pilots Have A Secret Room To Sleep During Long Flights?

Indeed, they have a room of sorts ready. However, it isn't confidential, it simply isn't openly open. There's a distinction. You can't stroll into the back room of a Home Depot since it isn't freely open, however that doesn't mean the workers imagine it doesn't exist. Calling it "secret" is a typical occasion of web melodrama. 

Numerous carriers do have a unique region called team rest where pilots and other group individuals can rest, eat, and in any case get some vacation. They work fundamentally the same as hours to most of us however on a 20-hour super long stretch flight they don't by and large have the alternative to return home toward the finish of their shift. They actually need a spot to go when they finish work. 

Typically team rest is not all that much. Only a couple of beds, a sink, and a spot to charge your telephone. It's regularly at the exceptionally front or extremely back of the traveler compartment, and frequently somewhat above or beneath it. Pilots have legitimately confined shift lengths to guarantee they are adequately refreshed to fly, and team rest is a critical method of guaranteeing they get the rest they need and that the law requires.

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