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Dangerous Places Where You Can't Swim

1. The Boiling Lake, Dominica. Its waters are boiling, you definitely can't swim here.

2. Hanakapiai beach. This beach experiences strong waves that drag swimmers into the sea. When someone is dragged into the sea,it is impossible to swim back to the shore. Apart from the rip waves are high surf, dangerous and shore breaks.

3. Lake Karachay, Russia. Not only is this lake polluted but is also radioactive.

4. Jacob's well, Texas.

5. Lake Victoria, Kenya. Swimming in Lake Victoria is discouraged by health officials due yo the high chances of contracting birlhazia. Apart from that, the lake has crocodiles and hippos.

6. Eagle's nest sinkhole, Florida.

7. Kipu Falls, Hawaii. Swimming in this place is not safe as swimmers find themselves jumping off from the top of the waterfall to the bottom which is 20 feet below. This leads to injuries and sometimes fatalities.

8. Bubbly Creak, Illinois. Has undergone contamination and no one ofcourse can swim in such water.

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Boiling Lake Dominica Hanakapiai Russia Texas


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