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Meet the tallest men in the world.

8. Xishun Bao.

The Guinness book record recognize Bao as among the top tallest human in the world history.

He was born in 2 November 1951. His height is 7fts 9 inches(2.56) tall.

7. Nasser soomro

He is a second tallest man in Pakistan.

Measures 7ft 10 inches (2.56) M tall.

6.Asadulla Khan

He is the tallest man in India. Born in 1988, from kendrapada in West Bengal.

Measures 7ft 11inches (2.42M) tall.

5.Zanc Juncai

A Chinese born in 31st March 1988 from Shanxi China. He is one of the world tallest people above 2.4 metre

He measures 7ft 11inches(2.42 m).

4. Dharmendra Pratap Singh.

He is from Pratpgarh Uttat Pradesh district.

He measures 8ft 0.7 inches(2.44 M) tall.

3. Morteza mehrzad selekjahi

He is a Paralympics volleyball atllete.

Born in 17 September 1987 in Chalus Iran.

Measures 8ft 1 inch(2.45 M) making the tallest Iranian.

2. Brahim takioullah

Born in 26 January 1982.

He is a moroccan from Guelmim,Morocco.

Measures 8ft 15 inches (2.46M) tall and is the second tallest man on Earth living.He wears number 58 as the size of his shoes.

1.Sultan Kosen

He is a Kurdish ,born in Mardin Turkey. His abnormal height is as a result of hormones disorder.

He was born in 10 December 1982 and holds the Guiness World record as the tallest living human in Earth known. He measures 2.51 metres.

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