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Top 4 Of The Most Extreme Risky Railways In The World

Rail routes run through different countries of the world. Some of them are distinguished by their modernity, where trains accelerate at enormous speeds, most of these railways are extremely risky, while others can be extremely interesting in view of their location in the most remote and picturesque corners of the world. Today I am going to share with you some of the extremely risky roads in the world.

1. Maeklong Railway, Thailand.

What would you do if a train passes you by, at arm's reach just when you are shopping for Groceries in a busy market. Well shoppers at Maeklong Railway line runs right through the middle of the market. Needless to say, it is always a busy time in these markets. But the vendors have manager a routine around the train timings. When they see a train approaching, they pull their canopies and coverings behind from the cracks one the train has passed, the vendors go back to business. Cleart, these vendors have mastered the art of manoeuvering around train timings and still running successful businesses. The quirkiest part of this journey is that there is not a single signal on this train is that there is not a single signal on this train route. The speed of the trains is also only 50 km/ hours.2. Landwasser Viaduct Switzerland.

Mountain routes are the prettiest when you get to travel on a train. However, they can also get extremely risky. The landwasser viaduct is located between schmitted and filisur towns of Switzerland. This is nothing but a single track, six Arched curved limestone and part of the beautiful Albula railway line. There is no doubt that this Route happens to be one of the scariest ones in the world. One end of this landwasser train route and exists straight into the landwasser tunnel.

3. Pilatus Railway, Switzerland.

The platus Railway line in Switzerland is surely a stunning one. The station located at 7000 feet above the sea level. It is best known for its bountiful vistas that the journey provides. Is also happens to be the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. The route between Alphachstand and platus klum stations passes through alpine meadows and high mountains, making it a thrilling journey with superb views.

4. White pass and Yukon Route Alaska.

This train journey will take you as high as 3000 feet above the sea level in within 20 miles of its distance. No wonder it is considered to be trip to some of the scenic locations in the world. Ask you Embark on this journey, enjoy the breath taking views of the mountains, Glaciers and water falls. This narrow gauge Railroad may be scenic but it also happens to be one of the scariest ones in the world And has a lot of incidents take place here.

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Maeklong Railway Thailand


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