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'6 Things You Must Have At 25' Alinur Mohamed Bashed After Mentioning The Following

Former Somali ambassador to Kenya, Alinur Mohamed has been bashed by netizens after mentioning things a Kenyan must have at the age of twenty five. On top of his list was a passport. A passport helps in facilitating travels outside the country and in real sense not all Kenyans would be able to get one at that age.

The second was a driver's license. According to Alinur you should at least own a driver's license. This actually good but people own the license at different ages and it does not have to be strictly 25. The third item was a national identification card. This is now very understandable. Kenya one is supposed to have an ID at the age of 18 and anything above that then there should be a great reason.

The fourth item that you must have at 25 is an active bank account. This will now depend on the work or hustle one does for a living. Some Kenyans still feed from hand to mouth even n their 30's leave alone at 25years. Getting a bank account would be challenging to them because their is nothing left to save and probably the payment method of their workplaces is not done via bank.

The fifth item that he mentioned was a smartphone. Currently many youths own smartphones even though we still don't say that it is a must for a Kenyan to own one at age 25. Although they are helpful in terms of opportunities and important to have one. The last one was, a minimum of one million Kenya shillings. That was so unrealistic. 25 is an age where most youths are still trying to manoover into the real world. Possibly very few would have such a huge amount. There is no specific age that is said one should own exact amount of money.

Netizens came in to disagree with Alinur Mohamed as some bashed him saying not everyone is privileged. Many analysed the list and confirmed that the only thing they had was a national identity card.


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