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The Government Should Bar International Tourists From Entering The Country For Now (Opinion)

COVID-19 pandemic right now is the major headache for almost all countries in the world because it is killing many people who could help in developing the economy through various activities like trade. The most infected countries right now are the United States of America (USA) and India that are suffering from high COVID-19 infections and deaths day after day.

Most countries that are still under development such African countries have suffered great blows because their economy has deteriorated the most in the world, Kenya being one of them. On April 17 2021, the government of Kenya allowed the entry of 189 tourists in the country from Ukraine. These tourists always come in the country to provide foreign money for the services of touring beautiful the beautiful sceneries in the country like the world life and this always boost the country's economy.

However much tourists always help in developing the economy in the country, I personally think that it is not the right time for the government to allow tourists in the country. This is because most of these tourists come from counties that are effected so much with corona virus. This can bring so much problems in the country as the new corona virus infections might arise. It is so easy to revive a dying economy but you can not bring back lost lives.

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