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World’s Most Dangerous People : The Mursi Tribes In Africa

The Mursi tribe are an African tribe from the isolated Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border with Sudan. There are an estimated 10,000 members of this beautiful, sedentary tribe, whose lip plated face plate decorations are a source of endless fascination. Long may they, and their wonderful culture, live on.However, this is one of the most unusual, most aggressive tribe in the world. “It’s better to die than live without killing” is the motto of Mursi men who in fact are all warriors.

Widespread in the tribe Mursi are plates which are inserted into the lower lip, it happens that at the top. These plates have the function of a wedding ring.Young girls pierce his lip with the tip of a knife or arrows.Its terrifying the thought of it right?Well in this community they cherish the culture with passion.The more beautiful the dish is considered to be a girl, the more it will be worthy of redemption, which can reach up to 50 cows.

The most shocking of the tribe Mursi, is that they actually eat their dead countrymen, if they did not die of any disease. A dice allowed for household purposes.This is insane and unheard of but here it is.

Mursi man all his life,he is committed to graze cattle, fight on sticks dong and raids on their neighbors, taking cattle and ambushing.As soon a man from this tribe gets the chance, he tries to buy the AK, which cost 8-10 cows per model old-fashioned, but the latest models are 30-40 cows.

Mursi worship the spirit of death, and from an early age, boys are brought Mursi with the understanding that a man should live in battles and dangers.

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