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Top Two Scariest And Dangerous Roads In The World (Photos)

Roads are very useful modes of transport. They form the main overland links between different countries. There are main two types of roads i.e paved/ tarmacked and murram roads. Paved highways are very durable compared to murram roads. This article reviews top two most breathtaking and dangerous roads in the world.

1. North Yungas Road.

This road is found in Bolivia, South America. It is 69 kilometers long and links the city of La Paz and the Yungas region of Bolivia. This road has been viewed by many people as "death road" because of its steep slopes, narrow single track and lack of guardrails.

2. Koramoram Highway.

This road connects Pakistan and China. It is the main overland link between these two countries. The road passes through Koramoram mountain ranges at an elevation of 4.7 kilometers. It is one of the most breathtaking highways in the world because it is plagued by a terrifying ensemble of natural disasters like avalanches, flooding, landslides, mist and fog. Drivers and other broad users are advised to be very keep while using Koramoram highway. Mist and fog makes visibility to be very poor on this road.

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