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Secrets Behind Fraser Island, Making It The World's Most Dangerous Island On Earth

Fraser Island is located just off the south estern coast of Queensland, Australia. The Island is believed to have 5000 years by now and still a home of dangerous predators that makes it extremely a dangerous place to go.

The beach is known for it's dangerousness be ause it is the home of Dingos, Dingos are a breed of offeral dog native to Australia. Dingo's Instict is dangerous to humans as there is no medicine to cure it in the whole Island.

There are also deadly sharks in the ocean, being another reason for Fraser Island to be ranked the most dangerous Island in the world.

The Ocean also is a home for the stinging Jelly fish who are also dangerous to human life, these three major secret human predators are the secrets in the Island leading it to remain a 'No go zone' for human beings.

However, other dangerous Islands in the world are; 'Ilha Da Queimada' in Brazil, 'Miyake Jima' in Japan, 'Bikini Atoll' in Marshall Island, 'Saba Island' in Netherlands, 'Farallon' in United States and 'Ramree' in Myanmar.

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