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Rahab: The Demon Angel Of The Sea

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There is no library that documents, nor angel or demon who remembers the creation and damnation of Rahab.This is due to the factual nemesis that his very banishment happened wayward earlier even before that of Lucifer.Rahab was created at the beginning when God was making His creation.He was created at the time when God was separating land from the oceans. It was for this purpose that Rahab was created to aid God in the creation.

The Talmud lore has it that God had given power and dominion over the ocean to Rahab and thus when He decreed that Rahab aid Him in physically separating the seas from land so that men could live by breathing through the lungs, Rahab acted foolishly and told God to leave him alone.

God was thus not happy and had Rahab thrust into the Far Marches deep down into the sea, Red Sea.

According to Jewish folklore and Babylonian Talmud, Rahab means 'demonic Angel of the Sea.' He is the master of the sea.

Also, the Psalmist mentions the name Rahab in his praise to God, Psalms 89:9-10, ''You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them. You crushed Rahab like a carcass;  you scattered your enemies with your mighty arm.''

Other writings regard him as the guardian Angel of Egypt. Thus, as per a later on century legend, Rahab is mentioned in the story of Moses and Israelites when they were trying to cross the Red Sea.

He tried to stop them from crossing and even tried to keep the Red Sea open for Pharaoh's army to cross too and get hold of the Israelites.

Nevertheless, in ancient texts such as the Bible, Rahab is a representation of chaos.

Hebrew tradition attribute the sea waves and tsunamis as his works where he is regarded as the Angel of pride and due insolence.

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