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The 21 Year Old Girl Who Has Travelled To Every Country Of The World

Have you ever thought of getting an opportunity to visit every country in the world. Do you ever dream of doing that? Today we have 195 countries in the world and imagine how long that would take.

Well, incase you think that is something that is not possible, we have a 21 Year old girl who has visited all the 195 countries of the world. She has visited all the countries in all the 7 continents of the world and that means she has interacted with every culture.

The name of the girl is none other than Lexie Alford and is currently holding a Guinness world record for the same. She became the first person in the world to do that.

According to Lexie, she has never had any official sponsorship inorder to facilitate her travels across the globe. To facilitate her travels she has had a couple of brand deals and campaigns that helped her get the funding for her travels.

Since she was 12, Lexy had developed the habit of saving her cash, she admits that the amount she had saved facilitated almost half of her travels. Since her parents have a Travel agency, it became easy for her to navigate because she worked there as a travel consultant.

Another advantage that Lexie had was the fact that she completed highschool 2 years earlier and obtained a degree in a local University. By then she had already travelled in 72 countries and that is when she saw the possibility of making it in the remaining 154 countries and within 3 years she was done with visiting the whole world. While traveling she also works as a photographer and blogger.

She claimed to have visited between 9 to 10 countries within a year for her to realize her dream.

Lexie Alford has also had to maintain a high degree of discipline to see this dream come true. In every country she goes she used to opt for cheap accomodations to help her save on the cost. She would also create content for hotels and in return she was given free accommodation. She also had to discipline her spending habits so that she doesn't spend money on unnecessary things.

During her travels she had lots of challenges because she had to adapt to diverse cultures. Her intention was to show the world that the world is not as bad as the media portrays and that there is kindness everywhere. Actually from her travels she concluded that the world is full of kind people.

Indeed there is no limit in what man can do and that every dream and ambition in life is achievable when you are determined. Lexie is absolutely a heroine.

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