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Inside The Largest Airplane In The World.

At 70 metres in length and 80 metres wing length,Air bus-380 is the world largest plane .Travelling at a speed of 700 miles per hour,this plane can carry over 500 passengers in perfect luxury.But what exactly is special about this jet?In the front door passengers are great with a double stare case leading to the upper deck of course the first one of its kind.Through out the cabin LED lights provide efficient lighting solutions this lights can be controlled to mimic different seens or moods such as sunset and sunrises to ensure the passengers don't get tired.

Also during the day plenty of natural light enter the air plane which comes through the exemptuonally larger windows.Each and every seat despite the travelling class has an installed USB charging port to ensure that those with smartphones are well catered for.Each seat is also fitted with a mini screen able to read data from phone or USB.Inside the cabin the plane is fully computerised that among the 5 pilots on board a software engineer must be around.It is fully fitted with technology and has ability to sense any expected failure around 10 minutes earlier.The plane has 22 gigantic wheels on the landing gear which can hold upto 370 tons of passages.The plane can hold a total of around 10,000 litres of fuel.If you need a good perfect and luxury holiday trip travel with the airbus -380 .

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