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5 Most beautiful world cities with magnificent structures

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders, few could argue that these aren’t some of the world most beautiful cities. If you’re looking for decent scenery and lots of recreational things to see and do, these spots truly offer the best of the best.

And like the people who inhabit them, each has its own distinctive personality, allure, photo worthy moments, and reasons to pay them a visit. 

1. St. Petersburg in Russia

Long time ago before the rehabilitation of the area and development of pretty city St. Petersburg, this area was inhabited by swamp. From this humble faundudation, Peter the great raised Russian to Renaissance fortresses of Europe's west.

The city is remarkable for it many discreet island, the pulse of artry Navsky Prospekt, the gilded, imperial towers of hermitage and museum containing many art.

2. Florence in Italy

Though Rome is the Italy's most historic city, Florence holds the flame for sheer, unadulterated Italian beauty. This city has astonishing piazzas and cathedrals and the skyline dominating the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

The museums and galleries packed to the rafters with some of the world’s most exquisite, and enduring, art makes the city more beautiful and interesting.

3. Charleston in south Carolina

It is stuiated on the Atlantic coast of Carolina, Charleston owns a near magnetic allure for its residents and the myriad visitors who make their way to this dazzling, colonial city each year.

A part from a street lined with grandly charming houses and the Bermudian limestone and cobbles of Chalmers Street, this city founded way back in ossified relic.

It is a home to a glamorous and burgeoning creative set who have made its proliferation of buzzy bars, nouveau southern cuisine, world-class distilleries, and stylish hotels.

4. Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town is shadowed by the magnificent beauty of table mountain and its beaches, the great outdoors are a vital part of daily life in this city.

From the green lungs of the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens to the electrifying nightlife along the V&A Waterfront. Cape Town is one of the most dramatic and exciting urban center in the world.

5. Bruges in Belgium

Bruges city is a waterborne city to this day, a network of charming canals link this small polis of beautiful belfries, tottering houses, and bucolic squares to the vast waters of the North Sea. Magnificent architecture and exceptional people watching is best enjoyed from Bruges' myriad street side cafes.

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