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Inside Prestigious Kahama Hotels Nairobi And Mombasa(Photos)

Several places such as hotels,restaurants, bars motels are where most people go to enjoy themselves. Such places are owned by people worthy the maintenance. This is the industry where most investors have started investing.In this sector hotels and restaurants have taken the largest percentage. This makes today's article to focus on the hotels.

In Kenya there are various high class hotels.Some of which are owned by kenyans while others by foreigners.Today we shall focus on two major 2 star hotels in kenya.

Nairobi Kahama Hotel

Conference rooms.

The hotel contains conference halls which are rented to hold meetings.


Kitchen and foodsKahama Hotel Mombasa

This hotel situated in Bamburi in Mombasa belongs to the family of the late James Mwangi Kirung'o same as the one in Nairobi.This is most luxurious than the one in the Kenya capital.Its accommodation are as follows.

Swimming pool

Unlike the Nairobi hotel the kahama hotel Mombasa contains a perfect swimming pool that people refresh themselves on hot sunny days.

Free wifi

It also contains free wifi for all customers.

Free Parking

Contains a large parking space for all drivers who needs to park their vehicles inside the hotel.


In the kitchen kahama hotel Mombasa provides all kind of food that a customer may needBedrooms

When you enter a bedroom in kahama hotel in Mombasa you will truly like it.It is a well furnished bed that cannot be described.

This the general view of the hotel Like,share and comment.

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