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Places in The World Only The Bravest Tourists Dare Visit

The world is very old; it is very rich in history from long ago. Different kinds of people leave in different places around the world having different history. Some of these histories are scary and terrible. Today before we visit an unusual place we first research about the place, some of you may like a quite place and peaceful others want to deal with their fears face-to-face so they choose creepy places. Here is a list of places that will make you feel like you are in a horror movie

The chapel bonesThis chapel was built in the 16th century in Evora, Portugal by a Franciscan monk who wanted to tell his brother that life is short. The chapel gets its name from the interior wall that are covered and decorated with human skull. At the entrance of the chapel there is a sign written “we bones that are, for your wait”

The hill of crossesThere is no accurate information about the time and the reason for why the hill was made but people come here and leave a cross, they believe that when you do this, you will be lucky. The hill is located in Lithuania where the exact number of crosses is unknown but according to calculations in the 90s, there were about 50,000 cross

The hanging coffinsBurial in hanging coffins is a very old tradition, and coffins were carved from solid pieces of wood. After the diseased had been placed inside, the coffin was put on very high cliff about 380 feet above or in caves. Legend believes mountains acted like a ladder to heaven. However this place called Sagada, is still attractive to tourists who come to visit old caves and some amazing rocks but on one of them you can see coffins hanging.

The Capuchin CatacombsThe place was built at the end of 16th century when the number of the Capucci Monastery attendants increased and they needed a bigger burial site. In the 18th and 19th century this place became a luxury place for the clergy and bourgeois families. The place which is located in Palermo Italy is one of the most famous mummy exhibitions. The catacombs were closed in 1882.

The car cemetery

This place looks like something out of a Zombie movie or horror movie. In reality, this place exists and it is located in Belgium. According to urban legend, after world war ll, American soldiers departed and left their cars in the forest and nature consumed them

Shipwreck in the Solomon Island

In the year 2000, a Liberian ship got stuck near the Solomon Island in the Pacific Ocean. No passengers were hurt and they were rescued but there was no way to get the ship out of this place, so it became home for fish and sea creatures. The place is uncharted territory for ships because there are a lot of underwater coral formations

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