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Roads in The World That prove Man Has Become Embroiled With Creative Ideas

Being creative has been a defining characteristic of humans since the beginning of time. Whether that be through song, art, storytelling, or innovation, the truth of the matter is that many people have become embroiled in a creative activities and these breathtaking photos of man made roads can prove this fact.

1) Le Passage du Gois

Le Passage du Gois, is a world-famous natural wonder. The passage floods twice every 24 hours, and so can only be driven on a few hours each day before the island is sealed off with water. More often than not, the Passage du Gois lies hidden beneath 4- to 13-foot due to thrashing waves of water.

2) The Karakoram Highway.

The highway is a 1,300 km stretch that was constructed back in 1966. It is a popular tourist attraction and is usually considered as one of the highest paved roads in the world.

3) Eshima Ohashi Bridge road

The bridge was built from 1997 and completed in 2004. It is the largest rigid-frame bridge in Japan and the third largest in the world. Additionally, it is 1,446 meters long and has 250 meters of continupus concrete in the center. The bridge needed to be high in the center to allow large ships to pass under it.


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Karakoram Highway Le Passage du Gois Passage du Gois


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