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Transport Paralyzed For Hours Along Kiptagich -Silibwet Road After Irate Elephants Blocked the Road

Transport was on Saturday evening paralyzed for hours along Silibwet -Kiptagich road after a herd of elephants blocked the road. In a unique occurrence, the wild animals stood across the road as travelers watched from a distance hoping for them to go back inside the forest. As if to answer them they fell trees and dragged them across the road.

The travelers were forced to cut short their trips and go back to where they were from, those from Bomet and headed to Nakuru county which was barely 10KM away had no option but to reverse and yet again cover more than 30KM as they waited for clearance from KWS.

While narrating the scary ordeal, a driver of Bomet travelers Sacco society said they had never encountered such, he asked KWS to ensure that the animals are tamed to stay away from the road especially during the day. They couldn't quickly call the KWS as the area has no signal coverage.

"Before this road was tarmacked, we used to encounter them once in a while, a notorious one was named David he was very wild. When in such a situation hooting and petrol smell scared them away. Those were not scared at all they stood as if waiting to attack. After an hour of waiting, they moved aside and everyone sighed a breath of relief only for them to fell huge trees and dragged them across the road," Wesley narrated.

"We had no option but to go back, they were very adamant, calling KWS was after going back since there is no signal in the area, they should be tamed. Many will start avoiding this road and the alternative is quite far and uneconomical," he added.

The 49 KM stretch was begun by locals who were relocating from Bomet to Olenguruone areas years ago. Former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto with the late Kipkalya Kones lobbied for it to be tarmacked, and it was fulfilled after Jubilee took over the mantle. It passes across a thick natural forest harboring all kinds of wild animals but elephants are the easily spotted.

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