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A List Of Things That Can Land You In Dubai Prisons.

In recent years,Dubai has emerged as one of the top tourist destination in the world.Although Dubai is a fun and calm destination,the city is guided by stringent laws that have landed many in prison.Below is a list of things that you should never do While In Dubai;

1.Do not go crazy with public photos.

Taking random pictures of people without their consent is strictly forbidden.If you are caught, your phone or camera will be confiscated and pictures deleted.It will also attract a penalty fine or you will have to remain behind bars for some days.

2.Never sleep with any woman if you do not have a marriage certificate.

If you want your stay in Dubai to end quickly,sleep with anyone of the opposite sex.Even if you are dating, make sure you are married first before getting intimate.Addressing women in public is also not allowed.

3.Drinking Alcohol In Public.

If you really want to see the other side of Dubai prison,then pop open that inviting cold beer in a public space.It is illegal to get drunk in public.

4.Don't swear in public.

Dubai is very conservative when it comes to bad language.Swearing, profanities and insult are considered as obscene acts that makes good gesture and offenders can be fined or even sent to jail.

5.Go easy on public affection.

Passionate kissing and fondling in public is strictly forbidden in Dubai.The laws in this city do not permit unmarried members of opposite gender to display public affection.

6.Mind Your Dressing While In Dubai.

Short and revealing clothes are deeply frowned in Dubai.They are seen as a form of disrespect and so they should be avoided.

7.Dancing In Public.

Dancing is only allowed in privacy of your home or licensed clubs.If you are found dancing in public you will be carried away like a sack of potatoes to the nearest police station.

Content created and supplied by: Dante254 (via Opera News )

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