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4 Best historical site in Kenya

There are many historical site in Kenya. Most tourist like adventuring in Kenya for them to observe this historical site not only to observe but learn from it. Historical sites are preserve for future reference and also to keep traditional value in our country.

In addition, the top 50 historical site include,

Fort jesus,Old town of Mombasa, Hell's gate, paradise lost and Lamu old town

1. Fort Jesus

Portuguese were the pioneer of fort Jesus between (1593-1596) near Old town Mombasa. Trade was the main economic activity in Mombasa and also a pass way to India. The main purpose of the built of fort was for protection against attack by enemies.

In contrast,it has grown to become attractive place most people visited area.

2. Old town of Mombasa

Its along the kenyan coast that is believe that this old town was settled be swahili ethic group. Also this old town boast the culture and also ancient architecture.

3. Hell's gate.

This historic site is located in Nakuru. This is the place that most people visit for self enjoy ment while others just visit for a look because of its unique and fearing name Hell's gate. Its this site that has earn more income to Nakuru community

4.Paradise Lost

Its located in Limuru near Nairobi. paradise Lost has eye appealing waterfall and caves good for refreshing and stress free zone.

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