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Former Engineer Bought a Plane And Kept it in a Forest as His House.

It is estimated that everyday, three planes are destroyed. These planes are considered too old and unfit to fly so they are sent a scrap yard where they are crushed. Taking advantage of this knowledge, former engineer Bruce Campbell decided to purchase one of these old planes and live in it!!. Taking flights across the world is one of the best luxuries in the world but i bet living in one sounds awesome.

From a young age he always lived simply which kept him from getting into debt like paying expensive mortgages. Over the years he saved up till his time for retirement when he decided to purchase this plane and live in it.

Bruce bought his plane for over ten million Kenya shillings and spent another same ten million having it delivered into a secluded place in a clearing in a forest in Oregon.With all the interior stripped, the plane offers over 1,066 square feet of space with two large cargo holds and equipment bays offer additional storage. Only some minor modifications were required since the plane comes with connection ports for water and sewage, all you need is to plug them in. He has a small kitchen, a laundry area, a bathroom and a living room space. This really is awesome, who wouldn't want to live like this even if its a while.

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