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Have You Ever Wondered Why People Are Advised To Switch Off Their Phones In Aeroplanes? This Is Why

When a plane is about to take off or land, all passengers are advised to switch off their phones or put them on flight mode. There is a reasons behind this. Air hostesses can't just rise from the blues and say such to passengers. Here's is why they are advised to do so.

This is done so to prevent the cellular data produced by the phone from interfering with the people at the navigation tower. Devices like phones, tablets, computers and iPads send radio signals that will not be emitted when they are in airplane mode.

When A passenger fails to puts his or her phone on flight mode then there could be a collision, accident or miscommunication between the pilot and the people on the communication tower. To avoid a crash during taking off or landing, all the people on board are therefore advised to place their phones on flight mode as another plane could be doing the same.

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