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Plane Crash

Read The Story Of A Plane That Took Off In 1955 And Landed In 1992, And These Happened After Landing

We have heard stories of planes disappearing and found later either being crushed and others could get lost forever either they fall in the oceans. In this article am going to share with you the story of a plane that disappeared for many years and came back mysteriously.

The Douglas DC-4 flight Pan Am 914 was made up of 57 passengers and 6 crew members. It departed for Miami, Florida from a New York airport on 2 July in 1955. For some hours the plane never landed in Miami but on March 9, 1992, the radar of Caracas appeared invisibly instead.

When the pilot noticed he is in a new world, he then took off in the sky immediately. However, nobody was able to locate it. As it was in still on the ground, ATC tried to send a rescue team into the aircraft, but the co-pilot waved through the window yelling." Do not approach us, we are leaving now" while he was waving, he accidentally dropped his pouch calender for the year 1955.

The passangers who seemed to have not grown up by then they could be seen from the windows screaming in top of their voices. They were worried and shocked on the changes that have happened. Also the captain's voice was heard asking" where are we now"?

Although it was not registered on the ATC radar screen anyone close to the airport in Caracas saw the aircraft. Up to now there is ATC voice recordings, their is also a footage of it. We could not actually find out about the fact. The US and Venezuelan government never talked about the whole incident and took the tapes from the tower with the schedule.

It has been long since the incident occured and their are more theories on what happened but in the first theory they stated that the aircraft passed through a wormhole or a time portal and passed through another wormhole.

What do you think really happened to the plane. Comment your views below.

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