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Hii Ni Kali, Embakasi Nganya Takes The Internet By Storm By It's Features As Kenyans React

Photo Courtesy; A Matatu popularly known as Nganya.

Matatu culture it is! Unlike other towns and cities in the country, Nairobi is conspicuous in its public transport system. The road transport within the city is full of art and decors.

The Nairobi matatu popularly known as Nganyas are a darling to many. They come with comfort and convenience. These matatus features art, music system and even screens for the entertainment of the passengers.

Love them or hate them, they are the mode of transport in Nairobi. They are fast, they are loud but yet most passengers love them.

It is a competition in this industry and every now and then a new entrant is unveiled with more sophisticated modifications and always giving the old boys, a run for their money.

A video has emerged of Nganya said to be plying the Embakasi route. According to the information shared by a reliable source of information via ma3route, the Nganya is said to belong to Akiyanani Sacco.

You can watch the video of the Matatu in the link below;

The matatu was spotted with screens allover the bus from the walls to the passenger seats with good music system to complete the grandeur.

See some reactions from Kenyans regarding this Matatu;

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