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Advantages Of Traveling By Train Over Traveling By Bus

Since time immemorial people have been traveling, there are many means of transport, you can decide to travel by vehicles, aeroplane etc. Among these mode of traveling, train is the best to travel with, in this article we are going to Know why.

Train accidents rarely occurs, it is almost impossible to witness train accident and the main wish of all people is that they could reach their destinations safe and sound, no one wants to pay a transport fee and reach is or her destination dead.

On the other hand, bus accidents are very common in every place, in fact it is very rare for a day to end without hearing accident cases being mentioned, if you to many hospitals especially in emergency units, you will come across many bus accident casualties.

Trains are much safe In terms of security, it is very difficult for passengers traveling by train to get ambushed because are run on there own rail and they also stop at there own stages. Buses on the other hand the security is questionable.

Trains are so cheap, they always have a standard transport fees for every destination, and the fare hardly changes no matter what season it is, on the other hand bus fare always fluctuate, the is no standard fare and most importantly when it reaches festive seasons and holidays the fare charges are very unbearable especially to the common citizens.

Again trains are very comfortable, it is traveling by aeroplane, there are no potholes to hit not rough roads to make you feel uncomfortable, on the other hand when a road is poor then you are done if you are traveling by bus. You will be constantly hitting the potholes and a lot of slowing down situations. So make an attempt to travel by train and you will enjoy your journey.

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