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Meet 3 Countries In the World With 2 Names, See Their Other Names

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In the entire universe, there are over a hundred autonomous countries. Many countries are known by their formal names alone, it should be noted. It's also worth noting that most countries have only one name. Let us, however, carefully identify some countries with many names.

1. Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is the official name of this country. It is critical to emphasise that this country is situated in Asia. This country has two names, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation. Myanmar or Burma are two names for the country.

2. Netherlands

This is a well-regarded country on the European continent. People also refer to this country as Holland. Over the years, Holland has produced many remarkable men and women.

3. East Timor

This country is on the Asian continent as well. It should be noted that this country is also known as East Timor by others. However, Timor-Leste is another name for this country. This information may be verified on the official East Timor Wikipedia page.


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