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Top 10 Countries In The World With A Shortage In Number Of Women And The Reason Why

1. Iceland

According to recent population statistics of Iceland, the population of men outnumbers that of women by far.

There are actually 104 men for every 100 women and that has been the crisis of the country. That is even what led to the recent social media rumour which was actually not true that the Iceland government was paying foreign ladies to marry their men.

2. Canada

According to population statistics of Canada, men outnumber women by more than 250, 000 which is such a huge amount of money. This has been accredited to lots of emigration from the country where women are moving to other counties.

3. Norway

According to recent statistics, the populations of men is 5% higher than the population of women. The report also shows that there are about 12000 more men when the number is compared to women. It is not clear what is the cause of this population difference and its not known

4. China

China's population as we all know is the largest in the world and stands at almost e billion. There are actually 34 million more men in China than men and that is the crisis.

5. Cyprus

As of 2020, the estimation is the population of men compared to that of women. In every 100 men, there are actually 104 women and that is what poses a crisis of Cyprus. The changes brought about by the World War II saw a lot of them being empowered. They had access to educations and also became influential people in the society.

6. Italy

Italy is another country that has lesser population of women when compared to that of men. This is believed to have been caused by most of them moving abroad to further their studies and other things.

7. Sweden

Sweden also happens to be in our list today of countries with fewer women. In Sweden however, it is believed that the influx of refugees brought about and increase in the male population.

8. India

India is also one of the affected countries and in India, for every 100 women, their are 110 men. In the recent years, the population census has seen a significance of drop in female population.

9. Switzerland

Sweden is also another country where the population of men surpasses that of wine by far. Like many other countries, migration to other countries is one of the main causes of this significant drop in female population.

10. England

England is an example of a country that treats all genders equally without any form of discrimination. The young career women will work and go abroad and this is what affects their population.

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