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Why This City is Referred to as City of Gold

Gold is one of the most precious minerals in the world. Its value is extremely marvelous and can not be compared with other mineral. Many countries which mine gold are very rich. However, in the world there is a city which sometimes is referred to as city of Gold. This city is found in Asia. Its a city whose popularity is known all over the world and a is among the world tourist destinations.

Dubai is sometimes called the “City of Gold." The reason why Dubai is referred to as this is because of its stunning growth from a sleepy Gulf port to a world famous business crossroads in the space of a single generation. What cements this name is its gem Hyatt Regency Galleria Residence Dubai. The Galleria is part of the Hyatt Regency Dubai and Galleria complex, situated in Deira in the heritage heart of the city. Walking to the popular gold and spice souls situated near to the Galleria is marvelous thus giving Dubai a stunning Gold look.

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