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Strange How Dubai Skyscrapers Tame the Strong Wind

According to a few experts, all tall buildings swing a bit whenever there is wind. This can majorly be felt by people in the building during the time of the wind. Dubai is located in a desert that often experiences strong desert winds. However, builders often ensure that the strong winds don't tumble down the skyscraper.

Engineers often design skyscrapers to avoid the force of the wind by bringing together steel pillars and beams at the core of the tall building. This is often efficient because the inner core is used as an elevator shaft. This kind of design also allows for a lot of free space on each floor of the building.

Builders of skinny skyscrapers often input huge counterbalances at the very top of the towers/buildings in order to imbalance the effect of the strong wind. Giant springs are also set at the foundation to offset tensional force. One may feel dizzy but the building may not come down.

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