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Top Five Hacks to Consider When Heading for the Urban Life

When someone talks of leaving for the city, it sounds like life there is smooth and freestyle. However, most of us will prove you wrong by aligning a series of demands and lists of expenditures. These lists will label expenses on what’s completely free in the rural, as expensive and what’s cheap back in the rural as almost unaffordable in the city. You definitely can’t head for the city without a purpose – sorry, it doesn’t work that way. You’re there either on a vacation, obviously for a short time, work, or visiting a relative or a friend (short time of course).

Now, take the above description of a city and imagine a young adult who has no professional knowledge in any field and thought dwelling in the city will give them ‘Life’ for being in the city – welcome bro! Sounds tough, right? It’s an enormous pinch on the ear to learn that, even trying to start a business with your little, yes, little savings from Ocha ( Sheng for rural) is a very bad idea. Taxes, licenses and other untitled county government rules will smash your head, ‘pick-pocket’ what’s left of you, and show you the streets, terming it as your new trend. You’ll start from scratch – that’s a slap on your right cheek, well, don’t give it the left yet, because you would like to try these five tricks to avoid the unwanted:


This is a wake-up call to any youth who believes that they would get a job or a source of income just by being in the urban, you are mistaken. You should keenly note that people or the urban run their daily lives by attending to their professions. Therefore, it is greatly advised that you have something unique to offer for a living. It does not matter how small it is, as long as it could get you your daily bread. Just make sure there is what is driving you there.


Yes, at least know one or two people who could hold your hand for a short while before you get on your feet. They could also lead you around the urban and by this, you can discover new opportunities and more you could do. Avoid making quick friends and trusting them before long, you will be disappointed. Link up with people who you have known before, who include family members, relatives and long known friends who left for the urban before you. This will give you the energy to trust them make you feel comfortable, and you could confidently share your plans without fear of the unknown.


By this, I mean making sure you have someone to reach out to if you encounter a problem you cannot handle. Moreover, make sure you frequently communicate to those you left home, update them on your progress no matter how little, it matters. On the other hand, when you meet people in the same career field as you, do not hesitate to enquire about what you do not know, remember every day is a learning day.


Remember, you are not the first person to present your career and expertise to your new world. Therefore, be creative with what you have, offer it with a new style and fresh ideas. Be innovative and self-motivated, for there is no new idea that fits immediately. Borrow from grown individuals and see what you could change about their obvious.


The first step of growth is being independent and trying to think individually. This does not mean you should lock others out of your ideas or plans. Just make sure you do not give the final results you expect from your plans, this will make whoever you gave the idea, strain to get to that exact spot, instead of reaching their limits. You can also invest in ideas, where you share how someone could improve something and earn credit from it as you learn.

Someone talked of the rich continuing to be right and the poor continuing to be poor. However, this is just a misconception that sucks youth strength like nectar from a juicy stigma. In my other article, ‘A Youth’s Nuclear Weapon’, I have mentioned how some of the richest people started from nothing, poor backgrounds and now, they drive you crazy in elegant suites, expensive vehicles and seemingly unaffordable houses, owning buildings in big cities, to mention but a few. They live their lives any way they desire, and there is you, trying to think, ‘ Hm! Am living, well, what next?’. Check out my article ‘A Youth’s Nuclear Weapon’, that’s what’s next.


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