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7 Photos From Finland That Show the Hidden Side of this Country

Finland is a small northern country in Europe. This nation is the happiest country in the world. These are some of the photos of Finland. The photos simply shows this country from a different angle.

A shop of farm products without a sales assistant

In Finland, people trust each other very much. This is a shop where there is no sales assistant. When you need to buy, you write down your purchases in the special journal. Thereafter, you put your cash into the jar or pay online.

There is a rare phenomenon in the north of Finland, water and wind create ice eggs

Buses have mobile libraries

In Finland, bright buses have mobile libraries which are driven around the capital city of Finland. During the school days, these buses offer library services in places like kindergartens, schools, and play parks. These buses also offer the services to residential areas.

In winter, lakes are covered with ice, you can see it as huge canvas for your snow drawings

This type of art was invented by IT consultant known as Janne Pyyko. This man create huge drawings on the lakes of Finland.

City dwellers rent garden beds

In Finland, people rent garden beds in special places in the city. Some people acquire space in the courtyard in their own house. This makes them grow vegetables and flowers.

Free sanitary items in fashionable restaurants

In many social venues, there are baskets. These baskets have hairspray and women sanitary items.

In Finland, a fish ladder is built on the site of an old factory

In Finland, several fish ladders are built in order to help fish to move in dammed rivers. The structures contain small pool of water, and waterfalls between the pools. This makes the fish to move along a high dam.

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