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Meet The Smallest Country In The world That Has Only 33 Citizens (Photos)

Being larger does not always equate to supremacy when it comes to geography. The world's smallest nations actually offer some of the most thrilling travel opportunities, largely because they are less well known than the rest of the world.

The Republic of Molossia, which has a total land area of 6.3 acres and is the smallest republic in the world, is also the most populous, with only 33 residents.

Due to the country's excellent climatic conditions which are especially advantageous to men in particular, there are more men than women in this country.

There are no crops that can be cultivated there because it is a desert area.

Infrastructure such as paved roads, schools, airports, and even hospitals are missing in this remote nation.

The small size of the nation makes it more appealing to tourists from other nations.

The Republic of Molossia, a self declared micronation established on July 30, 1962. It is run by Kevin Baugh, who holds the dual positions of president and prime minister.

It has declared itself to be a country even though neither the United Nations nor any other recognized national authority have acknowledged it as such.

The fabled micronation of Dayton, Nevada, which controls 1.28 acres of territory, is a source of pleasure for a large number of individuals all over the world. The organization was started by Kevin Baugh.

Despite being part of Nevada, Molossia is a distinct nation with its own laws, identity, and currency that sets it apart from the rest of the state.

The Valora serves as Molossia's legal tender. It is referred to as "Pillsbury cookie dough money" in some circles because it is divided into 100 futtrus and linked to the relative value of Pillsbury cookie dough.

His wife describes him as a kind hearted tyrant who cares about other people. The resilient leader of the micronation, His Excellency Kevin Baugh, has sparked ecstasy across the land.

Although it readily offers "foreign help" to neighboring Storey County, Molossia is a tax free society in which all transactions are made using poker chips.

There are various institutions in the nation, including a war office, a bank, a railroad, a fleet, and a national song. Esperanto, a diplomatic auxiliary language, is formally acknowledged as a second language in the nation despite the fact that English is the official language.



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Republic of Molossia


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