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See Djibouti City Which Resembles Mombasa City Of Kenya.

With the advancement of technologies, we have experienced massive developments leading to urbanization. Thus when visiting some African cities you will be amazed to see beautiful architectural buildings. In some cases, other African cities tend to look alike in building structure and climatic conditions.

I want us to look at Djibouti City a unique city located in the Horn of Africa and the Capita of Djibouti. The city is the largest in the country and has a high settlement compared to other regions of the country. It is well known for its 19th-century architecture and port entrance to the red sea.

The city serves as an administrative center, transport and communication center, commercial hub, and recreation purposes. The city however tends to look like the Mombasa City of Kenya because it lies towards the coast of the red sea. Moreover, the city is a port on an inlet of the Gulf of Aden and is the terminus of a rail link to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The following are some of its photos that will help us to keenly make a comparison with Mombasa.

Thanks for going through this article, what is your opinion about the two cities? Does Djibouti city look like Mombasa city?

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