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5 Unique tourists attractions in Kenya that tourists must visit

Kenya is one of the most fascinating places in the world. This country has no shortage of things to do or see.Kenya is one of the most fascinating places in the world. This country has no shortage of things to do or see.

From the unique landscape to the setting sun, several wildlife parks and waterfalls,the sandy beaches of the indian ocean, the islands, the cultures of different tribes among others, kenya has many things of everything you might want to see. Among the things that tourists do not want to avoid are:

1. Masai Mara National Reserve.

The Maasai National Park has many wild animals to watch and have fun.

You will have the opportunity to adapt to the realities of the African continent. you will witness the resilience of the communities surrounding the park, such as the masai who have been brought up close to wildlife such as "The Big Five".We also have the wildbeast Migration which also attracts Many tourists.

2. Mount Kenya

This mountain is the tallest mountain in the country. Few people in the world have climbed this mountain and those who have done so will tell you that you have a very beautiful landscape. This is like the snow found on this mountain. you will have to see for yourself so that you can benefit from all the beauty in this Mountain.

3. The Coastal line,Indian Ocean and the Sand Beaches.

The coast, has a unique history and origin and is a stronghold of mijikenda and Swahili people. This place is the perfect place to refresh and relax.Many tourists from all over the world visit this area. In addition there are luxury hotels bordering the Indian Ocean beaches as well as the unique white sands.

4. Lake Naivasha.

It a freshwater lake in Kenya and has some of the best wildlife watching areas. You will be able to see flamingoes in their natural habitat. you can approach them and also watch wild animals such as leopards, rhinos when they come to drink water.

5. Islands.

Kenya is a country with enough islands. But the most famous island is Lamu Island located off the coast of Kenya. The island is accessible by boat to Mokowe as well as Manda Island, where there is a small airport. it has a satisfying attraction and especially for visitors.

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