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Unsafe, Women and Men Living in the Airbnb for a While Find their Naked Photos Leaked

Over the past years, people travelling to spend a night on the way used to make stops in hotels but since Airbnb came in, it resulted to a game-changer and people travelling in groups and needed more privacy opted for it as a better option.

Despite it being luxurious, the owners have narrated how their property has been ruined by the people taking a short time in their houses, furniture is broken while secret syndicates also land them in a mess they never thought could get them while starting such a business.

Rich women and men drive into the apartments with several young boys or girls, and the two parties always book a place to spend the better part of their time engaging in the act, maybe, it is immorality that nobody thought would happen. Old rich men show up with the good looking girls who drive to the place only to leave a day or two later, this happens after a moment of merrymaking which may be secretly recorded by them and later sold as a tape.

Airbnb was good and a game-changer, but what happens that surrounds them could easily see their demise.

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