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List Of Businesses Done In Eastleigh, Eldoret Town

Aerial view of Eastleigh in Eldoret town.

Eastleigh is one of the places in Eldoret town that has many activities taking place there. Located in the heart of Eldoret, the place is mainly occupied by Muslims and other communities who do business there. Below are some of the businesses done in Eastleigh in Eldoret town.

1.Fish points.

It is here most people sale their fish near Western stage. You will find several kiosks with sign posts indicating fish business is taking place.

2.Hotel businesses.

Most hotels are also located in Eastleigh. This is where people eat after their long day of work.

3.Miraa business.

You will find miraa kiosks in Eastleigh where people gather to chew it at their one time.

4.Guest houses.

This is another business people are doing in Eastleigh as most luxurious guest rooms are found there.


Banks links KCB, Bank of India and other banks are in the list of businesses taking place in Eastleigh.

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