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Hidden Tourist Gems To Visit In Kenya During Holidays

1.Haunted pillar of Mbaraki

This is a monument located in Mombasa and is coveted the second oldest in Kenya after fort Jesus.The 50 feet tall pillar is estimated to be 300 years old.see photo of mbaraki pillar

Many people contemplate about the importance of the latter to the ancient world;some say it was a light-tower, however, its divine essence is not clearly revealed.

2.Lake Challa

This lake is located at the Kenya-Tanzania border.It is formed on a crater east of kilimanjaro and is surrounded by a rock rim of 170 metres of lake challa

Having been formed 250000 years ago by volcanicity,the lake also is endowed with beautiful wildlife with hippos and crocodiles taking the lead.Moreover , people do fishing seasonally.It makes a breathtaking scene for those interested in hiking.

3.Gura fast-flowing river

Did you know that the fastest river in Africa is in Kenya?Gura river which traverses all the way from aberdare ranges down to nyandarua and nyeri counties has the prominent gura falls which is 300 metres high and undoubtedly the highest in Kenya.see gura river

4.Dragon teeth in aberdares

This is a volcanic feature on the aberdares mountain.The mountain is ridged on the sides forming grikes and clints making its appearance spectacular like that of the dragons teeth.Additionally the area around is endowed with good vegetation and wild animals most so the big

5.Three sisters cave at firikini Tswaka

As the name suggests,this is a three-cave system consisting of mdenyenye,pangani and kisimani caves.This is where people hid during the colonial error to evade slavery.More interesting is that the cave is a home to thousands of bats,so you can guess its importance to wildlife as far as habitation is concerned.entrance at the firikini caves

6.Mzima springs

Consists of four natural springs.It is located about 50km from mtito andei.Its water originates from a reservoir under chyullu hills making it a permanent source of water for the coastal region.In another angle,mzima springs is no exception to wildlife,so as you dig in to the hidden gem you also have an eye on the animals.entrance at mzima

7.Gravity defying mysterious hill in machakos

photo of the hill from afar

Logically,if you are to put a shot put metal ball on top of a hill you will expect it to roll downhill,this is not the case here.This has heightened curiosity and recently tourism has got vibrant in the area as people come to witness the amazing phenomenon.

8.Blood red alkaline lake in turkana

What comes in your mind is insecurity on the mention of turkana but good enough it harbours one of the most unique features in Kenya.Its high salt concentration makes it a suitable breeding ground for dunaliella algae which turns the water blood red.Though this is not mysterious as it can be scientifically explained, it's a breathtaking scene to tour.the lake in kapedo turkana

9.Buxton tunnel in limuru

This tunnel was completed in 1940 and formed part of the legendary lunatic Express railway.Puting aside the idea of railway transport,the tunnel itself is what makes it a gem to visit.Noting that it is the longest underground transport tunnel to have ever been built of the colonial marvel in Kenya.see picture

10.God's foot print

In lungalunga kwale county arise mixed reactions from both the residents and visitors who come to see the wonder.More alluring is the size of the print which undoubtedly makes people regard it as God's .Back in the years and now still,people have respected the place around and have termed it a spiritual site.As a result of that, tourists have been flocking the place to witness this marvel.see photo

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