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The Three Borders Where People Mostly Use To Cross To Uganda From Kenya And Vice Versa

Kenya and Uganda are the two neighbouring countries that share alot in common. They both share Mutua benefits from each other and that is why there are alot of Ugandans in Kenya and also some Kenyans are in Uganda. Goods from Uganda are believed to be cheap compared to Kenya and that is why business people prefer importing their products from Uganda.[Photo Courtesy]

Uganda being our immediate neighbours, they have some places whereby you can use to cross into their country. These places are among the many boundaries where you can cross to Uganda. Some people who have boats will prefer to pass through lake Victoria but what about those who travel by roads?

The first place that is mostly used by a number of people is Malaba boarder in Busia. This place is mostly used by long distance truck drivers and other business people. It is always referred to as the gateway to Uganda since a large number of people use this route. The route is easily accessible by the truck drivers because it connects directly from Eldoret to Busia via Kakamega. This might be the main reason why the boundary is the most used.

The second boarder is along Lwakhakha which is located some kilometers aways from Bungoma town. The border is usually used by small scale traders and those people who come to kenya in search of employment. The border is less strict compared to other Kenyan borders since it does not host alot of foreigners. It is usually guarded by police force from both sides who belong to both Kenya and Uganda respectively.[Photo Courtesy]

The last boundary that you can use to cross is along Suam. Suam is a town located some distance away from Kitale town and near mount Elgon. This is the boundary that is believed to carry all goods which are termed as counterfeit. We don't understand how the goods enters the country but we should not just assume that this place is safe. [Photo Courtesy]

However, this boundaries are not the only paves where people use to enter Uganda. Remember that those who live near Uganda have their own access points to get in and out of Uganda. You can share with us if you are one of the people who live near the boundaries on how you cross to Uganda. Comment down below and don't forget to like comment and share.

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